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By completing the following form, you will be able to check in immediately upon arrival at the hotel. Due to current circumstances we will need contact information for every guest on your reservation, these details are not used for any marketing purposes and used solely for identification purposes to check in.

Please note that some facilities we normally provide may not be available in the same way when you arrive, we will be following all guidance closely and hope that it will not have too much of an impact on your stay.


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    On previous visits you may be aware that our arrival time is 3pm for check in. Due to rooms being vacant before you arrive we will be opening up our check in day for you to arrive earlier than this. Our check in day will be split into time slots for you to arrive so that we can avoid everyone arriving at one time. Please select your expected arrival time below, we will do our best to accommodate a slot for you and confirm this back to you depending on availability:

    All of our staff and guests will be checked with a non-contact infrared thermometer on entering the hotel, should we have any concerns check in may be refused.

    Restaurant & Dining

    Does any member of your booking have any dietary needs you wish to notify us of? put none if not required?

    At the moment we will not be able to provide our usual buffet service, table service will be provided at all times and we will be splitting our meal times into two sittings. We will also be providing allocated tabled for you during your stay. Please indicate below which time you would prefer and we will do our best to accommodate this for you, this is dependent on the availability when we receive your check in:

    Hoist or Stand Aid Use

    If you are using a hoist or stand aid during your stay please complete this section, if not please move to the next section on housekeeping.


    We are aware that some guests have opted not to have rooms serviced on a daily basis on a shorter break. In order to accommodate your wishes please indicate your preference below:

    Fresh towels, condiments & additional linen can be collected from the hotel reception at any time. Clinical waste provision will still be provided at a cost of £3 per bag, again available from the hotel reception on arrival.


    I agree to check out of the hotel on my departure date by 10am

    Staff at The Bond Hotel

    At this present time we will be making a commitment to limit the number of people accessing the hotel when we are open. Normally our staff team here at the hotel will work in their own departments and you will be used to seeing them in certain places. Due to our new measures you will see our team working in various departments during their shifts.

    I have thoroughly read the above check in and understand that the hotel may be running differently due to government guidelines when I/we arrive
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    We look forward to meeting you on your upcoming holiday at The Bond Hotel and having a wonderful time with you all