Tower Ballroom Ready For 125 Celebrations

The Iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom Ready For 125 Celebrations

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is open for business in 2019 following its annual clean up.


Every year, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom closes for three weeks to ensure it is ready for the months ahead and 2019 promises to be its biggest year yet as it celebrates 125th anniversary in May.

The Blackpool Tower maintenance team have been working around the clock to prepare the world-famous ballroom for 2019, including its huge anniversary in May.

Every year, the spectacular 14 Edwardian crystal chandeliers are lowered by hand in order for each of the 1,120 light bulbs to be checked, dusted and polished. The process of cleaning each chandelier can take up to a week to complete. The two main chandeliers each take four men to lower and weigh one tonne each.

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom floor, made from over 30,000 blocks of mahogany, oak and walnut combined, has been stripped back to its original state before being varnished and polished. Last year saw thousands take the 120ft sprung dancefloor including a number of famous faces as part of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Celebrities including Stacey Dooley, Ashley Roberts, Joe Sugg and Graeme Swann were among those to waltz, jive and foxtrot on The Blackpool Tower Ballroom dance floor in 2018.

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom’s renowned Wurlitzer organ has also been given a facelift. With over 1,000 pipes and 150 keys that need to be individually checked and tested, repairs to the Wurlitzer are a large undertaking for the team involved.

2019 marks an exciting year for The Blackpool Tower as it celebrates 125 years since it opened its doors to the public.

Aside from being the world’s most famous dance destination, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is used all year round as a multi-purpose event space. In addition to welcoming primetime televisions shows, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom has also played host to other events including award evenings, food and drink festivals as well as professional wrestling.

Kenny Mew, General Manager at The Blackpool Tower, said: “The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is home to thousands of dancers, spectators, afternoon tea goers and tourists every year so in order to maintain it, we need to take a couple of weeks out at the start of January to ensure it is looking its best.

“Our ballroom is unlike anything found in the country and to reach such a special milestone is testament to the incredible work the team do each year in maintaining it. From the stunning gold leaf decorations to the legendary Wurlitzer and spring dancefloor, it really is a national treasure. We are committed to preserving this magical space for the next 125 years and more so generations to come can experience it in all its glory.“

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