New world-class attractions

The £300 million Blackpool Central development will bring world-class visitor attractions to a landmark site on the famous Golden Mile.

Ride, gaming and sci-fi fans are in for an absolute feast of a treat! This new multimedia complex will make dreams become a reality, with a mix of multimedia, motion and story-telling like you’ve never experienced!

The masterplan for the long-awaited redevelopment is inspired by Chariots Of The Gods, a global publishing phenomenon, written by Swiss author Erich Von Däniken, that explores alien encounters and unsolved mysteries of ancient civilisations.

Concept Video

The development will also include new hotels, restaurants, food market, event square, residential apartments and multi-storey parking. Work on the current Central Station site in the heart of the town could start as early as 2020.


Flying Theatre

The UK’s first Flying Theatre with true flying movement and fully emmersive effects like wind, fog, vibrations, scents, water-spritz.

Adventure Land

Fully themed indoor interactive entertainment with a roller-glider, rope course, adventure trail, quick jump and climbing wall.

Thrill & Gaming Zone

Exciting high-thrill and family rides, arcades, bounce park, inflatable attractions, laser tag, bumper cars and more.

Virtual Reality Experience

The world’s most advanced “Virtual Reality” experience on an epic scale with whole body, fully immersive, hyper-reality, state-of-the-art visuals and body tracking.

Multimedia exhibitions

The world’s first “Greatest Mysteries” multimedia exhibition, which will be scientific, educational and entertaining. A fully immersive and mind-blowing experience created with the latest technology.

Rollercoaster Alien Dinner

Fully themed bar and event restaurant with rollercoaster service and an hourly special effects show! Great for parties and special events.

Article Source: VisitBlackpool