LightPool at Blackpool Tower

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!! LightPool extravaganza returns for fourth year!

The world-famous Blackpool Illuminations need no introduction and in 2018, the ‘the greatest free light show on Earth’ will be shining from 31st August until 4th November. As well as the miles of traditional festoons and tableaux along the Promenade, you can watch extraordinary 3D projection shows on the front of the Blackpool Tower building every evening!

Throughout the Illuminations season, the LightPool projections transform The Blackpool Tower into a sea of light, colour and sound, as a stunning, multimedia show is projected on to this iconic building.

There are five individual projection shows planned for 2018, including the three headline shows – Down The Rabbit Hole, Chasing Stars (featuring astronaut Tim Peake) and Enchanted Blackpool that are projected nightly throughout the Illuminations season.

NEW Circus 250 Projection Show

The Circus 250 Projection show is celebrating the vast history of circus and the Blackpool Tower circus. The show features showman and entrepreneur Philip Astley, who created the world’s first ever circus in 1768 looking back on the glorious history of circus, with a strong emphasis on the Tower circus being the longest continuous circus in Britain! The show will focus on fond memories, sensational acts and larger than life characters from past and present which have inspired entertainment in Blackpool and the rest of the world!

Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole tells the story of an astronaut exploring new worlds. The show explores a fantasy based loosely upon a remarkable mission of determination and ambition. This experience draws the audience into worlds without gravity: beautiful, fantastic and full of uncertainty.

This incredible show was created by Czech-based digital art collective The Macula. The team have dazzled audiences throughout Europe with their shows, gaining great acclaim in the UK in 2011 with Luminous Flux to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Liverpool’s Liver Building.

Chasing Stars

Ross Ashton and Karen Monid of The Projection Studio were commissioned to create three LightPool projection shows, the newest of which is Chasing Stars, based on the pioneering work of European Space Agency (ESA).

The show features an eight-minute galactic tour and has been designed to entertain and inspire the next generation of astronauts and engineers. In collaboration with Dr. Nick Lister of the Lawrence House Astronomy & Space Science Centre, the team visited Rossall School in Fleetwood, asking them to imagine what it would be like to live in space. Their ideas and drawing have been incorporated into the show.

Enchanted Blackpool

Enchanted Blackpool was created by Cecile Llewelyn-Bowen, the daughter of Illuminations Curator Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Cecile is a film-maker and brought designs created by her father to life in this show.

A flurry of cute characters and lavish backdrops delight the show’s main character, a woman who has wandered into this magical world, and she journeys from under the sea to the opulent Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

The ideal viewing area to watch the shows is the Comedy Carpet – the area of the Promenade in front of The Tower. Are you interested in getting out along the promenade beneath the Illuminations and enjoying the LightPool experience?

Call 01253 341218 and speak to our reservations team and book your Illuminations break now!


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