Facelift and Refurbishment

Refurbishment Plans

Following the recent change of ownership to the younger members of the Atkinson Family the start of some fantastic upgrades has been taking place.

In July this year The Bond Hotel ownership changed hands to the younger members of the family, meaning the same great customer service and breaks will continue at the hotel but with a fresh wave of upgrades to make your stay even better than ever!

So far this year we have seen the facelift take place at the front of the hotel which has been welcomed – stay tuned for our new signage being designed as we speak!

Every bedroom now has a large flat screen TV with built in free view giving our guests more comfort to catch up with their favourite programmes (if they have time).

We now have free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel for our guests to use which has been incredibly popular this year.

Many of the refurbishments taking place you possibly won’t see but they have been happening behind the scenes. New bathrooms have been installed in over 80% of the building with plans to complete this over the upcoming year.

This week we have taken delivery of 8 brand new hoists, to accompany the extensive range of bedrooms fitted with ceiling tracked hoists.

We are looking forward to announcing our next updates as the season continues!